Our theme during this term is 'Keeping Healthy'. During our math lessons we be working on time, mental maths, multiplying and dividing with 10 and 100, negative numbers and shapes. In our language lessons we will be writing in a variety of ways including a formal and informal letter. Pupils will be presenting information orally and holding discussions / arguments.

We will look at the history of the Tudors and studying forces during our science lessons and carry out various investigations on the topic. We will have the opportunity to continue working with the schools that are part of the Erasmus+ project. This partnership will give us the opportunity to develop our ICT and Geography skills as well as other subjects across the curriculum. We will also take part in the Daily Mile challenge during the term. 

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We kindly ask you to read with your child every night, and discuss the contents of the book. 

Here are links to the HWB and TTRockstars website. Each child has received a password so that they can use these websites at home.

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P.E lessons