In our language lessons this term we will write a recount, diary and instructions. We will also read and discuss a range of poems.

We will be working on time, times tables, multiplying and dividing with 10 and 100, negative numbers, reading the clock and shapes in our maths lessons.

During our science lessons, we will conduct investigations with the focus on change and segregation of materials.Through fieldwork, we will collect data and learn about our local area. During the Fairtrade fortnight, we will learn about the products and about the countries and farmers that produce them.

Fairtrade fortnight

Here are links to the HWB and TTRockstars website. Each child has received a password so that they can use these websites at home.              HWB          TTrockstars

P.E lessons are on Thursday and Sports on Friday. We kindly ask you to read with your child every night.